President Trump and Kim Jong Un have met for the first time in Singapore’s Sentosa Island, shaking hands against the backdrop of U.S. and North Korean flags level and side-by-side. Speaking to media President Trump asserted that he and his North Korean counterpart will surely solve a problem after the one-on-one summit. After holding discussion, Trump said that the meeting with Kim Jong Un was “very, very good”, adding they have an “excellent relationship”. Trump and Kim walked together along the balcony after their meeting.

Kim Jong Un also reportedly said through an interpreter that there were a couple of obstacles which they crossed in order to meet US President. According to a report, the leaders of the 2 countries held a meeting for 45 minutes. Apart from Trump and Kim, no other official was present at the extremely-secretive meeting. The leaders also used only one interpreter for conducting the meeting.

According to a report, the leaders of the 2 countries also signed a comprehensive document; however, there are no immediate details on the contents of the document. Speaking to media, Trump said that the process of denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula will begin ‘very soon’ and the North Korean leader promising to leave the past behind. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also shared a picture of their meeting on Twitter. Just after the meeting Kim Jong Un also said that the world will see a major change soon.



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