Monday started as day 2 of the Thailand rescue operations in Tham Luang caves. The second phase of the operation involved getting boys out of the cave in pairs. So far 4 boys have been evacuated, taking the number of evacuees to 8. The football coach along with 4 more boys still remains to be brought out of the cave. In the meantime the boys rescued today have been taken to the hospital for their health check up where they will be kept under observation for a few days.

Thailand authorities on Sunday rescued 4 members of a school soccer team, who were trapped in the Tham Luang caves. As per reports, the members of the junior football team are trapped in the cave since June 23 after massive floods hit the area.

Speaking on the situation, Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said the authorities are dealing the situation with full preparations and efforts are underway to save the boys. Earlier, there were reports of 6 boys being rescued on day 1 of the operations, but later it was confirmed that only 4 out of the 12 were evacuated by Thai and Australian authorities. There were also reports of the coach being one of the 4 who were rescued but these are unconfirmed reports.

Here are the LIVE updates of Thailand cave rescue:

17:50pm| The rescue operation for the day have completed, says eyewitness, though there is no confirmation from Thai authorities yet.

17:45pm| As per reports, 2 more boys evacuated from the cave of Thailand, taking the total number of evacuees to 8.

17:00pm| The 6th boy has been rescued safely from the Tham Luang caves, say reports.

15:30pm| As per reports, the rescue team has evacuated the 5th boy, who was stuck in the Thai cave.

14:00pm| An official told reporters, the water level is not worrisome. Yesterday’s rain did not affect water levels inside the cave.

13:15pm| As per reports, 5 ambulances and divers have made their way to flooded tunnels to reach reamining 9, who are still trapped in Thailand’s Tham Luang caves.

13:10pm| Experts warn of panic while swimming in dark.

12: 50pm| The Thai team heading to rescue boys, who are stuck in Thailand’s Tham Luang caves.

12:20pm| Somboon Sompiangjai, 38, the father of one of the trapped boys said that they are not been able to meet their child from last 48 hours. One of the rescuers called told him that they are really brave and strong boys.

11:45am| American entrepreneur Elon Musk shared photos and videos of a metallic pod that may help rescue a group of boys trapped in a cave in Thailand.

11:35am| The health official added that visitors can talk to the rescued boys but no hugging and touching will be allowed. The visitors are also advised to keep a distance of one to two metres from the boys.

11:30am| A Thai health official in a statement said that 4 boys, who were rescued on Sunday, are in a good health and should be able to their families by the evening. Visitors will only be allowed to meet and talk to the patients.

11:10am| Elon Musk shared a video to show how the divers help and rescue people through narrow passages.

10:20pm| In the press conference on Monday Morning, Korean teacher Thongyaud Kejorn at Mae Sai Prasitsart school said that rescued boys don’t have to follow the normal schedules and they can skip the examination scheduled for next week.

10:00am| Teachers at Mae Sai Prasitsart School told reporters about the preparations they have done for the boys when they return. One of the teachers said that they have been receiving guidance from mental health professionals to treat students in a better way.

9:50am| The rescued boys are under treatment at the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital in Thailand and the medical staff has placed a visitors’ book for the public to write messages to support the boys.

9:40am| In a chat show, Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop said she believes that boys would be brought out in groups of 4, which means 2 more rescue operations remain to take place. Australia has sent 19 divers to help Thai authorities to rescue the trapped students.

9:30am| As per reports, 25-year-old coach Ekapol Chanthawong was among the 4 who were rescued from the Thai caves, though these reports are still not confirmed.

9:10am| 4 out of 13 were rescued on Sunday night and authorities have resumed the rescue operation on Monday morning.


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