Thai authorities on Sunday rescued 4 out of 12 boys after the process to evacuate a soccer team of 12 members including the coach, who were trapped inside Tham Luang Cave since June 23 after massive floods hit the area, was started. 2 boys who were evacuated earlier were air-lifted. There were reports that 6 out of 12 were saved but later it was reported that only 4 boys were evacuated. The next phase of rescue operation will commence after a gap of 10-20 hours. Reports say that healthy ones have been evacuated first. A group of divers, navy persons and other rescue teams have been assigned to launch the rescue operation of saving lives of 12 boys and their coach. The concerned authorities earlier in the day said that their preparations to rescue and save the soccer team were complete. Speaking on the situation, Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said that their preparation was at the highest today.

On July 2, the trapped group was found alive beneath 800-1000 meters inside the cave. Prior to that on June 24, the rescue teams and other concerned authorities found the belongings of the trapped team. Using scientific techniques, the rescue team were able to find out the exact position where the soccer team along with their coach was found alive. A group of 13 specialist divers, 5 Thai Navy seals dived into underground tunnels situated in Mae Sai mountains, in order to save lives of a group of 13 people (12 boys and their coach).

As rescue teams continue to take their mission forward to save the lives of 12 boys, take a look at visuals from outside a hospital where 6 evacuated boys have been admitted and are undergoing treatment.

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Reports say that the group of 12 and their coach are trapped at a distance of around 4 km (approx 2.5 miles) inside the case which is filled with flood water and minimal presence of oxygen. Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said that the teams are ready to save the trapped and the boys also seem to be mentally prepared that they will be saved.

While the rescue operation is underway, people are paying tributes to one of the rescuers Sanam Gurang who lost his life during the evacuation process.

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The entire country is waiting and hopeful that the rescue teams assigned to save and evacuate the soccer of 12 boys including their coach, will be successful in their mission. Thai Governor has described the operation as D-day and teams are trying their best to save those trapped inside Tham Luang Cave.

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