After a sudden turn of events, Seychelles has taken a step back from the Assumption Island project. Reports said that Seychelles has cancelled the agreement with New Delhi to build a military facility on Assumption Island. Earlier this month, Seychelles’s President Danny Faure has claimed that military deal with New Delhi will not move forward. His claims have come barely days before Faure is all set for India’s visit. The cancellation of the deal will be a huge setback for India, however, it is yet to confirm or deny the recent development.

During a press conference on June 4, that the government will put aside the funds to build a Coast Guard facility on Assumption Island since it is important to have a military post in the area. He also made it clear that India’s offer of funding a naval base in Assumption Islands will not be considered from now on.

He stated that he would discuss the Assumption Island project with Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he comes to India. In 2015, the pact on Assumption Island between India and Seychelles was first signed. Earlier this year, an upgraded version of the deal was also finalised between the two countries.

The first setback for India first surfaced in March, when the original and revised version of the deal was openly opposed by the opposition leaders. During his visit to Victoria, Foreign secretary, Vijay Gokhale, tried to revive the deal but as far as reports claimed the deal could not be rescued.

For India, it was an opportunity to expand its reach in the strategically key region where China has been trying to enhance its military presence. However, the sources said that India will work on a different deal with Seychelles.


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