Pakistan Taliban leader Fazlullah, infamous for shooting Malala Yousafzai has been reportedly shot dead by a US drone on June 13, 2018. The head of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan also known as Mulla radio was killed in the drone strike that took place in Dangam district, close to the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The development came to light after a spokesman for US Forces-Afghanistan, Army Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell, told US government-funded media outlet Voice of America. Notably, the US official did not specify whether Fazlullah was the target.

Reacting to the news, a senior associate of the think tank The Wilson Centre, Michael Kugelman said Fazlullah has been reportedly killed several times in the past as well. Healthy scepticism is in order, he added.

The TTP chief Fazlullah reportedly shot Malala Yousafzai in her head while she was seated on a school bus. The 15-year-old girl, fortunately, survived the bullet shot and later was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2014. Reportedly, Yousafzai was not the only girl became the target of Fazlullah for promoting education for a girl child. He also launched an attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School that killed as many as 151 people including more than 100 children. Fazlullah was appointed the TTP’s leader in the year 2013.

Under his leadership, the terror organisation also took control of Swat Valley from 2007-2009 and use to attack and torture DVD shop owners and barbershops for what the Taliban said were un-Islamic practices. His terrorist organization also dumped scores of girls in the city square for going to school.

The United States in March 2018 also offered a $5 million reward for finding Fazlullah. According to a report, recently his son Abdullah has also been killed in a US drone strike, on a TTP training facility.

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