A 22-year-old Indian-American IT professional, Shubham Goel, is drawing everybody’s attention these days as the young man is in the race for California governor. Shubham’s election campaign is even more interesting, he is there on the streets with his megaphone, talking to passersby and crowds and explaining to them why he is the right candidate to succeed Democrat governor, Jerry Brown, who served four-year terms. Properly utilizing his background, the young man is communicating with the public with the use of latest virtual reality technology. Speaking on the matter to TOI, he said, “I think virtual reality technology will change the world and solve educational issues in California.”

Shubham’s parents, who hail from Indian state Uttar Pradesh, had moved to the US to pursue their dreams. Shubham had completed his graduation in economics and cinema from the University of California and started working for a virtual reality company from last October, but his affection towards politics landed him into the race for California governor. When asked about why he wants to do this, Shubham said, “I was born and raised in California. New-age tech can fix issues. I believe I am the first politician to campaign in virtual reality. There are many innovators out there, but they are not as involved in politics as they should be.”

Shubham has no political affiliation as he is the independent candidate. He has an aspiration to make politics corruption free, the issue which is at the centre of his election campaign. He further said I also want to raise representation and awareness for the Indian community in decision-making.

Shubham wants the young generation to participate in politics for change rather than money and fame. He has delivered speeches at several schools and in different cities, including Santa Monica, San Francisco, Merced, Bravas, Walnut Creek and Cambria.

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Amit Bathla