The Charing Cross railway station in London faced ruckus on Friday morning after a man claiming to have a bomb walked on the tracks towards the station. Soon after the incident was reported, the police rushed to the spot and nabbed the accused, that later resulted in a ruckus. As per foreign media reports, the investigating British police said that the accused has been arrested. Stating that the situation was under control, the officers said that they were working on the reopening of the station.

The matter was highlighted after a post showing a presence of several armed officers at the Charing Cross station surfaced. The Charing Cross station faces massive footfall on a daily basis as it handles services to London from southeast England.

The following reports surface at the time when the British intelligence authorities have already sounded alert confirming the possibility of a terror attack. Soon after the matter was reported, the British transport police were called in to clear off the tracks. Acting swiftly, the police nabbed the accused from the tracks and stated that no one was injured in the incident.

A ruckus was witnessed and a disruption was faced at the mainline and the services of London underground station. However, the services will soon be restored as the accused has been arrested.

Confirming the arrest, British Transport Police said that the man who had the bomb was arrested by personnel from the tracks. The officials further thanked the people for being patient at the time of the incident.

As per reports, a panic was reported at the Charing Cross station after the man went on to the tracks resulting in the cancellation of services. However, it still remains unclear how the man was able to get a bomb inside the station and how he got onto the tracks.

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