A Japanese employee was condemned and fined by his company where he worked for going for ‘repeated lunch breaks’ 3 minutes before than the usual time scheduled for lunch. The employee was under scrutiny by his firm. Reportedly the firm found out that he went for lunch breaks early for 26 times over a span of 7 months. According to an official, lunch break was for 12 pm to1 pm but the employee was multiple times left for ‘3 minutes earlier’ than the scheduled time, ChannelNewsAsia reportedly.

The 64-year-old man was working at the waterworks bureau in Kobe, who was seemingly using those 3 minute to buy lunch for him, reported India Today. Nonetheless, the man had to lose a half-day worth salary as a punitive measure.

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The 64-year old champ was not just fined, but the high authorities also apologised for his ‘misconduct.’ According to the Japanese public service laws, every employee of the company has to concentrate on the work and the company accused the employee of violating the law.

As per the officials, the employee was not present at work for more than 50 hours over a span of 7 months. The work culture in Shinzo Abe’s Japan is not like other countries. People are expected to work hard, eat food at their desks and do overtime on the weekends as well.

A term called Karōshi which in English translation means ‘overwork death’ in Japanese, is a result of occupational sudden death. The major medical symptoms of karōshi deaths are a heart attack and stroke due to stress and a starvation diet.

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