It’s a miracle, said one of the Thailand children, who was rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand after 9-days of wait and struggle. All the 12 players of the Wild Boars team and their coach who had got stuck in flooded Thailand cave after flood waters had blocked their way, addressed a press conference on Wednesday and said that it is a miracle that they are alive. The rescued soccer plays narrated their brave ordeal after being got stuck in the cave for 9 days. The media briefing was tightly controlled and question by reporters had already been taken in advance, which was later scrutinised by a psychiatrist for screening.

It was advised to the media to keep their questions short, brief and there shouldn’t be something which could hit them traumatically. 12 boys and their coach, survived for 9 long days in the flooded cave with no food for some initial days till the time they were not searched by the rescue teams.

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The world had kept an eye on the team’s rescue operation. After 9 days, Thailand authorities initiated a group of 13 rescuers combining both foreign and Thailand personnel to save 12 boys and their coach from the flooded cave. After being saved from the cave, the boys and their coach were admitted to a hospital for treatment, since they were stuck in the cave without food and other basic necessities.

In an attempt to save 12 boys and their coach, Elon Musk, had sent out a small sized submarine, which could be used by the rescuers to save the boys and their coach. However, his submarine was not used by the rescuers. It was after 3-day long rescue operation when all the 12 boys and their coach was evacuated from the cave.

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