The International Yoga day is being celebrated all over the globe. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led over 50,000 volunteers in Dehradun on Thursday morning, June 20, to mark the 4th International Yoga Day celebrations.  With the number 1 trend on Twitter, hundreds of enthusiasts shared their videos, photos of flexing their body. People from different backgrounds along with their families, friends, participated in the yoga sessions, performing various Yoga asanas and breathing exercises. such as the Surya Namaskar, Pranayama.

In the US, it began 4 days earlier at the historic monuments including the Capitol Hill. In New York, many people came together at the Governors Island with the beautiful backdrop of the iconic Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline to participate in the International Yoga Day celebration.

Meanwhile, in the sublime valleys of Chimgan mountain and Charvak lake in Uzbekistan several Yoga enthusiasts were seen stretching their hands and whiffing fresh air embracing International Yoga Day. Surrounded by gigantic mountain and green-coloured lake pictures of them flexing is a much watch.

While in China, Beijing, young yoga lovers accompanied by others performed Yoga at the India House in the lush green park.

Believe it or not, stress is something we all witness in our lifestyle and amid such routine, it becomes inevitable to avoid it. However, science has proved that exercise helps us to get away with stress and for that Yoga is the best. It also helps in getting a flexible body.

This was visible at Japan Maritime Self Defence Force and Indian Naval Ship Sahyadri. Despite stringent routine, many officers were seen performing Yoga at the Ship. The Indian Embassy in Peru also celebrated International Yoga Day on 20 June.

Tel Aviv is the 2nd most populous city in Israel. It is located on the country’s Mediterranean coastline with not a very too much population. If you have travel goals, this place is a must go! And performing Yoga amid massive sea is like a dream come true.

A video was shared by the city’s Twitter handle how people are planning to commemorate the 4th International Yoga Day. In the video, many people are seen performing Yoga on colourful mats with Israel’s flag on a huge beach.

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