A local woman in Indonesia disappeared after she went to check her vegetable patch. The villager5s were in shock when they got to know that the 54-year-old Wa Tiba was inside the belly of a 23-foot long python. The incident took place on Friday, June 15 in Persiapan Lawela’s village on the island of Muna, offshore of Sulawesi. The 23-foot long giant reptile was cut open by the villagers to take out the body of Tiba. According to villagers, she went missing on the night of June 14. Her sandals, machete and torch were found near the vegetable patch which suspected that tiba was eaten by a python.

A bulging python was found nearby the patch by villagers after the search operation was launched. The villagers cut open the snake to take out Tiba who had died till then. According to the police chief Hmaka, the villagers had to kill the snake because they were suspicious that the victim was in python’s belly.

A similar incident came to light when a 25-year-old Indonesian man was swallowed by a python in Sulawesi. The reptile was cut open by the villagers and the victim identified as Akbar was found dead.

After a search operation was launched by the villagers realising Akbar has not reached home from palm oil crops, an unmovable python was found nearby the farms. The snake was then killed and dragged out from the bush. 6-metre long snakes are usually found in Philippines and Indonesia.

As per reports, every year more than a quarter of people living in Indonesia have been attacked by a python and had the bites and scars to prove it. Most often, they were able to escape by using a knife or a shotgun but some are unable to and succumb to such injuries.


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