Rickesh Advani, a 28-year-old India-based student, in the UK was racially attacked by a white man, shouting ‘Brexit, go back home’, after a British man hurled sexist abuses on a hijab-clad woman, reported The Indian Express. Advani, a political science student who studies at Cambridge University, had a face-off with the man for his sexist remarks towards the woman wearing hijab. Reacting to the man’s remarks, Advani said, he was disgusted by his words and couldn’t believe that in 2018 people can be filled with so much hatred and I told him politely to stop and hoped that would be the end of the discussion.

Advani further said that any human being in that situation would have accepted his wrong but the latter infuriated unnecessarily. He was very startled that only he stood up and said that this is absolutely not right. And he even asked someone to call the cops, he added. While none of the other patients in the surgery responded for the racists and sexist remarks which left Advani in utter disappointment.

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Meanwhile, Indian chess star Soumya Swaminathan pulled out of Asian Chess Team Championship in Iran for compulsory headscarf rule. The player believes that this compulsion in the tournament is a violation of her basic rights, including her right to freedom of expression, and right to freedom of thought. The Indian Chess player said there should be no place for religious dress codes in international sports tournaments.

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