Another case of an attack on passers-by came to light from France on Sunday where a woman, shouting Allahu Akbar, attacked and injured two people with a cutter knife. The incident took place in France’s Var department, as per Paris media reports on June 17. The woman, who assaulted a customer at a supermarket in Var’s La Seyne-Sur-Mer at around 10:00am was wearing a black dress. The accused first stabbed a man, slightly wounding his chest outside the Mediterranean port of Toulon then she attacked the cashier, slightly hurting her. Both were immediately rushed to the nearby hospital, said the report. The reports suggest that the wound was not life-threatening and both are currently out of danger.

According to BFMTV, the suspect was immediately controlled by the supermarket staff and handed over to the police. The attacker was identified as a 24-year-old woman, who had no previous police records. Police officials are searching for her home in order to determine her connection with Islamic State group. According to prosecutor Bernard Marchal, the police is investigating on the matter and yet to declare the terrifying case as a terrorist act.

A similar incident took place in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where a Syrian man was shot by the Dutch police for attacking officer who was trying to arrest him after neighbours reported that the man was shouting Allahu Akbar on his apartment’s balcony with an axe in his hand.

The Dutch police tried to calm the 26-year-old suspect but he was out of control which forced the police officer to shoot him. The suspect was also accused of stabbing the police dog, who later succumbed to injuries. According to the Schiedam Mayor Cor Lamers, the suspect was identified as a Syrian living in Schiedam with his father since 2016.

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