In an incident that clearly proves that these days people are getting more influenced by the Indian politics than the Bollywood drama, a couple from Maharashtra followed the path of the Election Commission of India (ECI) and held elections to decide the name of their newly-born child. The couple that gave birth to their second child in April used ballot papers instead of EVMs and invited their relatives as voters. Unlike other elections, Mansi Bang and her husband Mithun held elections on June 15 and the results were announced just a few moments later after which all the voters went home happy.

The following elections were held after their family had suggested three names — Yaksh, Yuvan and Yauwik — but the couple was unable to decide which one to choose for their son. In order to settle for one name, the couple got ballot papers printed with all three names. Reports add that apart from close family members and relatives MP Nana Patole, a BJP MLA and a former MLA was present at the elections.

The excited couple even got a banner printed with ‘Balak Naam Chayan Aayog’ written on it. Unlike the real elections no ruckus or cheating was reported during the elections and also the results didn’t end up making the voters feel sad.

Talking to PTI, the father of the child said that a total of 192 votes were polled and out of the three names, Yuvan swept the majority by claiming over 90 votes. The couple who have a daughter too, said that this is the first time they have done something like this. Earlier, when their daughter was born an unfortunate death in the family forced them to avoid any ceremony. Reports suggested that the banner used while conducting elections had quite a resemblance with the original logo of ECI.