The Indian Rupee that is constantly falling recently breached the 69 per dollar mark on June 28. While the country is reeling the pressure of falling rupee, contraceptive manufacturer, Durex, saw a bright side to it. Apart from making some reliable condoms, Durex is known for putting out some extraordinary advertisement campaigns that have always left the masses either puzzled or bursting into laughter. Remember Ranveer Singh starrer Durex ad ‘#DoTheRex’ that had a grooving track in the background. The song went so popular that it went on to become a bigger hit than most of his Bollywood songs. Taking a step ahead, Durex took a dig at the fall of Indian Rupee and said that even though Indian Rupee failed to perform, Indians can perform 69 with Durex.

Apart from making extraordinary condoms, Durex is also known for taking out extraordinary advertisement campaigns. Also, how can we forget the witty wishes shared by the condom brand on Father’s Day. Recently, Durex had wished Father’s Day to all those who go for its competitor, get the pun?

Currently, India is caught under the pressure of high surge in crude oil prices, cut back on fuel imports from Iran and also the ongoing trade wars. With so much already on the table, Durex couldn’t help but take a dig at Rupee falling 69-mark against the dollar.

While the netizens were left bursting into tears of laughter, this is not the first time Durex has presented us with his cheeky posts. Earlier when there were reports of Earth coming to an end on December 21, 2012, Durex shared a post of its sex toy and said that the end of the world shouldn’t be the only thing ‘coming’.

In past, Durex has also tried to cash on the popularity of Candy Crush but sharing some posts relating to the game.