A video posted by Municipal Police of Madrid has been doing the rounds on the Internet. The video was posted by the Madrid Police on June 22, and since then “Officer Poncho” has become a star on the social media. Well, Officer Poncho is a police dog and his spirit to save a police officer is sending the social media users into a frenzy. The video has been retweeted over 12K times and has gathered over 22K likes. To add to your surprise, Poncho performs CPR on his trainer, who pretends to lose consciousness.

The 42-seconds long video is a bit from the training exercise that displays the intelligence of this tiny dog. In the video, a police officer pretends to lose consciousness and falls to the ground. It is the time when Internet’s new hero, Officer Poncho rush to help his human trainer.

In a bid to save the police officer, the tiny little black dog performs a CPR by jumping up and down on his chest with the help of his front paws. The procedure does not end here, Officer Poncho then leans on officer’s face and checks whether he is breathing or not. He repeats the same trick for 3-4 times.

A few minutes later, the police officer sits up and pats Officer Poncho for his great work. With this, Officer Poncho also receives a treat for his “life-saving” skills. Officer Poncho is also wearing a blue light on his back, which is adding to the cuteness of the video.

In the caption, the Madrid police have written a quote from Josh Billings which reads: “The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than you love yourself.” Meanwhile, the comments on the video have proved the fact that the Twitterati is just in love with little “Officer Poncho”.


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