Google’s latest doodle today features a great Danish biochemists, SPL Sørensen, the person who had founded the pH system required to measure the acidity and alkalinity of substances. The Danish biochemist Sørensen was born in the year 1868 on January 9 at Havrebjerg in Denmark. He is known to have worked at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen from the year 1901 to 1938 in between which in year 1909 the concept of pH values was introduced.

The doodle today involves an animated game that lets users sort the food items or other substances it according to their pH values. To define what a pH value is, we can simply say that it detects which substances are alkaline and which are acidic. The pH value of a substance ranges from 0-14. If the pH scale of a substance is less than 7, then it is acidic and if it’s more than 7 then the substance is alkaline according to the scientific discovery. Moreover, if a substance has pH value of 7 in scale, then it is neutral. For example water has pH value of 7 thus it is a neutral substance and it is neither acidic nor alkaline.

Also, if you go to look at the doodle, you will see a tomato, a boiled egg, broccoli, lemon, a soapy solution and battery. At first you might not understand as to what you should do, but the game is quite simple. You have to click on the arrows to sort them on both sides of the pH scale. Making a correct guess will sort the substance and will finally show the pH value of the said substance. In choosing the wrong arrow, the animated model of the biochemist Sorensen, will just disagree to your action by shaking his head along with the food substance making sad faces at you and ask you to try the game again. Once you succeed in positioning the substances, it automatically forms the Google logo.


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