Google has come with another billion user app called Google Neighbourly. The newly released social app will be aimed to build communities. The question and answer app will share the information about the city and neighbourhood. The basic motive of the application is to provide a practical answer to the people about the daily life, routine and more.  The latest is called Neighbourly, a social network of sorts for querying your neighbours.

“Life happens close to home, in order of a 1-2km radius, and local questions come up all the time. But as cities get bigger and bigger, we’re finding that these local questions are getting hard to use word of mouth used to be key,” said Josh Woodward, product manager within Next Billion initiative.

“We built neighbourly as a way to connect you with your neighbourhood, ask questions, share expertise and stay up to date in a safe way,” he added.

The neighbourly app supports text input, voice inputs in English and 8 other Indian languages to better emulate the experience of talking to a neighbour.

Currently, the app is being tested in Mumbai and it will support the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and higher.

Local experts will be selected based on how frequently they contribute information. The app adopts a card motif with users able to swipe through stacks to find questions to answer and browse. Like in Google Maps, the more questions answered, the higher your rank is. Answers are public with the ability to upvote and flag responses.

On the safety and privacy front, phone numbers, full names, and other contact information are kept private. Additionally, users are asked to accept the terms of service called the “Neighbourly Promise.”

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