E3 2018 just got over and as gamers wait for all the new games to release, Fortnite is taking over every platform available. The battle royal game which was earlier available on consoles like PS4 and iOS was launched on Nintendo witch recently. Even after the competition with another game titled PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite has surpassed all expectation and collected $100 million through spendings of the worldwide player’s on Apple’s mobile iOS.

As per a report by Sensor Tower, Fortnite reached this feat in about three months post the launch in March this year. The game was pulled in more than $25 million in the first month on mobile and crossed $45 million this month.

The battle royal game is all set to surpass every popular multi-player mobile games in the past two years and has raked in more money that Honor of Kings by Tencent’s and Arena of Valor.

The report mentioned that the mobile version of Fortnite had also earned 335% more than its closest revenue rival amongst the new releases like Knives Out by NetEase.

It has also earned approximately 65% as much as Supercell’s Clash Royal did in the first 90 days which had the most successful launch in mobile gaming history after Pokemon Go. Fornite is one its way to become the most successful games put out by Epic Games, a studio that has also released games like Unreal Tournament.

Back in April, a report stated that Epic’s Battle Royale shooter made $296 million that month across PC, console and mobile while it made $223 million in March. Fortnite was rated above massive game franchises like God of War, FIFA 18 and Call of Duty: WW11. The game is constantly going with more updates than any other game, weekly challenges that keep the players engaged and a concept that is fun yet strategic.

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