The Government of India on Thursday, June 7, has asked social media giant Facebook to respond by June 20 on the recent data sharing incident. As per reports, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked for an answer on the security of users data. The government also released a statement saying recently there were news that Facebook is allowing device manufacturers to access users’ data. These people are using Facebook users’ personal information without permission. The statement further added that government is concerned about data security of users.

The Ministry has demanded an answer from Facebook seeking a detailed report on the serious issue. The government has given a deadline of June 20 to Facebook to file the answer.

Mark Zuckerburg owned company has also faced charges of data sharing with management company Cambridge Analytica. As per reports, Facebook is now charged for sharing the users’ data with mobile makers like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

Taking cognizance in the matter, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked Facebook to report before June 20.

The report have claims that under the agreement with smartphon companies, Facebook may have shared the users’ data including their work, religion, political learning, events attended, relationship status and much more.

Earlier, through a statement, Facebook had said that the company is in partnership with almost 60 companies at the time when the mobile phones were not this power and also the applications stores were way far from being executed.

Facebook had also stated that the company had shared the access of software with the mobile phone companies so that they can come up with new versions, operating systems for Facebook.

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