After horrors faced by the social media giant, Facebook over charges of sharing its millions of users’ data with management company Cambridge Analytica, the Mark Zuckerburg-owned Facebook has now found itself in another soup. As per current reports, after Cambridge Analytica that helped Trump during his campaigns for the presidential run, Facebook is under scrutiny for sharing users’ information with smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and dozens of others. The following matter was highlighted after an investigation reports published by NYT revealed a possibility of deals Facebook struck with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc over the years.

The report claims that under the agreement signed by the Facebook with smartphone makers, it shared its users’ information including their work, religion, political learning, events attended, relationship status and much more.

After the report started doing rounds on social media, Facebook did accept most of the charges but refuted others. In the statement put out by Facebook, it said that it had a partnership with almost 60 companies at the time when the mobile phones were not this power and also the applications stores were way far from being executed.

Getting on a defensive mode, Facebook stated that it had shared the access of software with the device makers just so that they can come up with different versions of Facebook that will comply with different operating systems and mobiles.

In blog shared by Facebook’s vice president of product partnerships, Ime Archibong said that under the agreement signed with the device makers, the partners were prevented from using users’ information for any purpose other than creating FB-like experiences. He further added that he has not seen any report where the information was abused by any of the companies, yet.

Taking cognizance of the media reports, David Cicilline, US Congressman said that the following allegation has put a question mark over the testimony of Zuckerberg to Congress this year.

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