FaceApp’s old age filter may amuse you with your future look but its terms and conditions might scare your present: If you are among those who have been taking the hashtag #agechallenge or have thought of giving it a shot or have been seeing your friends posting pictures of them looking old then you must know some facts to keep yourself aware of what all you or your friends have signed for. Most of the users who have been using the app must have ignored the terms and conditions, which are quite problematic. Among a series of concerns over its privacy issues, one of the most serious is the one that gives the app a license to use your edited photos anywhere, even for commercial purposes.

Meanwhile, the app owners had also released a statement to calm down the hype around the app. In a statement to TechCrunch, the app denied transferring other images from the phone to the cloud. However, some of the app users have recently raised some other concerns over the app’s complicated terms and services.

One of such concerns, as mentioned above, allows the app to use its users’ images name, username or any likeness provided in any media format it likes without compensation. This simply means that you are allowing the app uses your data for free and you just can’t take it down or complain about it.

Basically, by agreeing to FaceApp’s terms and conditions, you are granting the app to use modify, adapt and publish any images of you that you offer up in exchange for the app’s AI technique to turn you old.

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