Just a few hours after the Maharashtra government imposed a ban on using plastic and its products, scores of people residing in the state took to Twitter and expressed their views on the new rule. Some of them applauded the government for this commendable move but has also urged the government to make some more steps in order to make Maharashtra clean and green. According to a report, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) has deployed as many as 250 officials to check errant shops and consumers against the plastic ban.

As per the new rules and regulations, the first offence of using a plastic bag or related products will invite a fine of Rs 5,000, for the second time Rs 10,000 will be imposed as a penalty and for third, a person has to shell out Rs 25000 and 3 months imprisonment. Notably, all the civic bodies and government employees are authorised to take strict action against the defaulters.

We have compiled some of the Tweets for you in order to understand what people of Maharashtra wants from Devendra Fadnavis’ government.

Arun Parmar, an active Twitter user posted his views on this new rule and raised a question about the alternative available for plastic as it is the only material which is cheaper in cost. How will a common man or small traders survive?

Abbas Khambati also advised the government to put a ban on cigarettes and alcohol in order to save lives of people dying after consuming such harmful products.

Talking about the hefty fines and jail term imposed by the government for breaching the law, HHs cracked a joke on Twitter and said that Maharashtra government has given Triple Talaq to plastic.

A girl named Arpita also gave a fantastic idea of starting a selfie campaign on social media for a shopping bag made of cloth.

Rohit Katara applauded the government and said that such a law should also be introduced across the country in order to reduce pollution levels in air and water bodies.

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