At an age when children learn to read and form 2 sentences together, 4-year Ayan Gogoi Gohain of Assam’s North Lakhimpurold district has been awarded as the Youngest Author of India’ for his book ‘Honeycomb’ by the India Book of Records. Gohain, in his book, accounts 30 anecdotes and other fascinating illustrations. India Book of Records which documents extraordinary literary pieces by individuals recently gave a certificate of achievement to Gohain in January this year.

He is not just India’s but probably the world’s youngest author and artist. He is a quick-witted, voracious writer and a sensitive child who started painting at the age of 1 and began composing his own beautiful stories at the age of 3. At the age of 4, he started clearly expressing himself in Assamese and English.

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The toddler’s amazing book Honeycomb is a collection of his immense love for words, colours, sounds, tastes and sights. 4-year old Gohain resides with his grandparents and considers his grandfather Purno Kanta Gogoi his ‘best friend and ‘hero’. His grandfather also inspires him to paint. The cover page of ‘Honeycomb’ was created by his grandfather, who is a retired bank officer.

His little masterpiece has been reviewed by several writers, including author and poet Dilip Mohapatra. Another writer and storyteller from North Carolina in the USA, Joan Leotta said that the book would be a good delight, no matter who reads it. The 4-year Ayan’s writing and his pictures enunciate the exuberance of his youth. His decent writing style and profound insights show him to be wise while still innocent. This is a book that adults and children will enjoy, said Leotta.