At least 1 person has died and four others were injured in a marriage in Uttar Pradesh Vikrampur town after a shortage of plates at the function. The incident took place when the organisers of the event ran out of food plates and argument rose to a situation which took the life of a person and injured others. Speaking on the incident, a police officer at Maniyar station, named Nandu Yadav said that the incident happened on Saturday when the function was being held and snacks were being served to the guests at the event.

At one point of time, plates ran out of stock which sparked an argument and heated exchange between the guests and the organisers. The situation went out of control. People clashed over the shortage of plates in which five guests got injured. The injured were taken to a hospital. However, one of the injured named Vishal, 20, succumbed to his injuries during the time when he was being taken to a hospital.

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