A businessman from Kanpur was set to get hitched with a government employee, everything was going smooth and the only thing left was to decide how to split the expense of the marriage ceremony but a casual discussion over economic slowdown in the country turned out to be their last!

According to a TOI report, the woman government employee held Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the economic slowdown and the businessman turned out to be a Modi supporter and disagreed with her.

This casual argument turned into a heated discussion that led to a serious fight that turned both of them to call of the wedding. The prospective bride and groom told their respective families that they were not interested in getting married any more.

This case is the classic example to highlight the fact how much politics is taken seriously in our country, especially for the youth. The increased participation in protest and social media is reflective of the youth seriously participating in the political future of the country.

Recently JNU expelled Umar Khalid and a fine was imposed on Kaniya Kumar, both only students, in connection with an incident that caused an uproar in the political spectrum of the country.

In February 2016, controversial slogans resonated through the JNU campus in stoking a national debate on freedom of expression and nationalism.

Bhim Sen Bassi was commissioner of the Delhi police and several students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, including Kumar, were charged with sedition for alleged anti-India cries.

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