BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi Mishra who had posted a video on social media claiming her father was after her husband Ajitesh Kumar and his family’s life because they were from Dalit community has now conveyed that she was feeling safe after the police provided them protection following media took a trial and gathered support for her from all over the country.

In an interview to a news channel, she said her family including her husband were feeling safe after they approached media and added that it was only after media intervention police took stringent action against her father and availed her paternal family the much-needed police protection.

Her father is a BJP MLA from Bareilly and was against her inter-caste marriage with 29-year-old Ajitesh last Thursday in Prayagraj.

The issue came to light after Sakshi’s video created social media uproar. The legislator had claimed that he had objected to his daughter’s marriage not because of caste but because of the age difference and her husband’s low income.

Sakshi released two videos on social media, in the first one she confirmed her wedding with Ajitesh, while in the second one she could be seen appealing to people to save her husband and his family and claimed that her father was after their lives. In both the videos, Sakshi said she married Ajitesh out of her own will and asked her father to back off. She also accused her father of sending goons after them and told him to stop as they were tired of fleeing because of fear.

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