Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed a ‘Kisan Kalyan Rally’ in Roza area of Shahjahanpur. Shahjhanpur, which is situated in the central Uttar Pradesh has one of the largest farmer’s market. Ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi has been running from pillar to post to attract the voters in the state. After visiting Shahjahanpur, PM Modi has visited the state for the third time in an interval of less than a month. While addressing the crowd of farmers, PM Modi said that the party has been indulged in several programmes for the welfare of farmers. PM Modi was welcomed by the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and deputy CM.

Following the fact that the Shahjahanpur is one of the key cane growing district, PM Modi said that the BJP government has been making efforts to increase the benefits to farmers selling sugarcane. He further attacked the Opposition saying that they have done nothing for the growth of farmers besides shredding the crocodile tears. PM Modi also announced that the government has decided to 80% additional profit over the MSP to sugarcane farmers.


Further listing the projects to benefit the sugarcane farmers, PM Modi said that the Center and UP government has been finding ways to use the sugarcane for different purposes. He claimed that the use of sugarcane won’t remain limited to producer sugar, but also be used to produce ethanol and later to mix it with the petrol.

Listing the achievements of the Yogi government in the last one year, he said that after CM Yogi came into the power, several projects including the Bansagar project has gained the pace.

While taking a jibe at the Opposition, PM Modi said that we continuously kept on asking the reason behind the no-confidence motion, but they failed to list any of the reasons.


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