A 35-year-old NRI businessman was found dead at a five-star Taj Palace in Chankyapuri on Sunday.

The businessman, Munni Jaitley was found dead on Saturday morning on the sixth floor of his hotel room. According to IANS report, Munni’s father called the hotel reception to check his son’s status as he didn’t respond to his father’s phone call.

Police officer Eish Singhal said, the hotel manager went to the room of Munni Jaitley and knocked at the door. After getting no response the hotel manager opened the door with the duplicate key and found Jaitley lying on the ground unconsciously.

The hotel management took the 35-year-old businessman to a hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead.

An autopsy will likely to give some hint on the reason of death, police said. Police have started the investigation as no sign of murder has been found yet. According to the CCTV footage, no one including the hotel staff visited the room between Friday night and Saturday morning. The police officer added, Jaitley’s mother didn’t suspect that it is a murder.

However, the India-born US citizen Jaitley was not married and stayed in the United States of America with his family. He was a regular visitor to New Delhi due to his business opportunity. He checked in at the hotel on Thursday, the police officer said.

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