Congress president Rahul Gandhi launched a series of scathing attacks on the ruling government while speaking in the Lok Sabha, during the debate over the no-confidence motion. In a direct attack at PM Modi, he said that the entire country is suffering from the political weapon of PM Modi, which is dubbed as ‘jumla strike’. Explaining the ‘jumla strike’, Rahul said that the political weapon of PM Modi includes a series of fake promises and assurances given to the country. He added then comes the symptoms of the political weapon which initially comes with a great sense of excitement and happiness. But, it ends with a shock and then followed by the regret.

While attacking the Centre and PM Modi on the Rafale deal, he said PM, who claims that he guards the country is actually a participant in the Rafale deal. He said that the PM has a certain relationship with particular people and dubbed them as “business people”. He added that the Rafale deal was offered to one of such people who has benefitted thousands of crores.

After noticing that the PM Modi is smiling at his remark, Gandhi said that there is a touch of nervousness in his smile and now he cannot look me in the eye.

Highlighting the poor situation of the employment, he claimed that while China gives an employment to 50,000 young people, while India offers only 400 jobs to the youths in the same span.

He further added that for the first time in the country, the women are not protected and every other day you can see  Dalit, Adivasis, minorities are being thrashed, killed, but Prime Minister can’t speak a word.

While concluding his speech, he said that the Opposition has hatred in their hearts for him and often calls him ‘Pappu’ and abuses him, but he has love for all in his heart. The moment he said this, he went to PM Modi and hugged him. His gesture has been doing the rounds on all over the Internet.




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