Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed Parliament’s monsoon session during the no-confidence debate and said that this was not the floor test of the government but a forced test of Congress party’s so-called allies. PM Modi said that their government is in the power because of the blessings of 130 crore people in the country. The opposition is indulging in negative politics.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Parliament’s monsoon session speech LIVE updates

11:15 pm PM Modi also spoke about the issue of Non-Performing assets in the country and held the Congress government responsible for it.

11:05 pm During his speech in the Parliament during no-confidence motion, PM Modi said spoke on various government schemes, which were initiated in the interest of common people, farmers’ and poor section of the society. He also invoked Congress veteran Sonia Gandhi’s statement before the no-confidence motion debate where she said that they have the numbers.

10:27 pm Speaking on the issue of Andhra Pradesh special status issue, PM Modi said that when TDP was leaving NDA, he had called Chandrababu Naidu, warned him that you are failing into YSR Congress’ trap.”

10:26 pm PM Modi said, “Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee created 3 states- Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It was done peacefully. These states are now prospering. Congress divided Andhra Pradesh and their conduct then was shameful.”

10:05 pm Responding back to Rahul Gandhi’s eye winking action, PM Modi said that the entire country today watched the game of eyes. Modi further said that Rahul Gandhi earlier said in the day said that I cannot look into the eyes of Congress president. I want to say that we are Kamdaar, Bhaagidar and Chaukidar of this country, how can we look into the eyes of those who are Namdaar.

10:00 pm Speaking over the Rafale deal controversy, Modi said that just because of one careless allegation in the House on Rafale, both the nations (India and France) had to release statements. We should not indulge in such childish behaviour.

9:58 pm Hitting out at the opposition, PM Modi said that abuse him as much as they want but don’t abuse the soldiers of this country. PM Modi said this while responding to Congress’ charge that surgical strike was a jumla of the Modi government.

9:50 pm “Congress has no faith in the Election Commission, Judiciary, in the RBI, in the International Agencies. They have confidence in nothing,” PM Modi said.

9:25 pm Mentioning that the opposition is indulging in negative politics, PM Modi said that his government was in the power because of the blessings of 130 crore people of the country.

9:20 pm PM Modi said that this was not the no-confidence motion against his government but it was a forced move by Congress’ so-called allies.

Earlier in the day, Congress president Rahul Gandhi addressed Parliament’s Monsoon Session during the no-confidence debate and gave out a fiery speech to counter government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his schemes. At the middle of his speech, Rahul Gandhi attempted a stunt when got up from his seat, went to PM Modi and gave him a hug. The entire Lok Sabha was shocked to see Rahul Gandhi giving hug to PM Modi during the Parliament session.

Rahul Gandhi hit out at the government invoking almost every scheme of the government like GST, Demonetisation. The Congress president also raked the issue of Rafale aircraft deal and alleged that the Modi government did the deal to benefit a particular businessman.

Rahul Gandhi said that the country was never in the history had been so insecure for women as much as it is now at present. Bringing GST, Rahul Gandhi said that Modi government had hit the small traders and small businessmen by bringing the GST.

The Congress chief further slammed the Modi government by saying that the BJP regime was good in giving out jhumlas (only talks and no work on ground) like the promise of Rs 15 lakh in everybody’s account, bringing black money back and creating 2 crore jobs every year.

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