Mob lynching continues unabated in India’s heartland, this time in Bihar: Amid the rising cases of mob lynchings in the country, three men were reportedly beaten up to death on the suspicion of cattle theft in Nitish Kumar’s Bihar. The incident took place at around 4:30 am in Saran district’s Baniyapur village. The storyline of the incident is not much different from all the mob lynching incidents that have taken place in the past. This time too, there were human beings, who became animals, animals whose lives were too important to get somebody killed, and, of course, a suspicion.

Their tragedy is no different from Pehlu Khan (alias Tabrez Ansari) or Akhlaq. While the Central government boasts of its ability to take on such crimes with obsolete claims, the menace of mob lynchings kept resurfacing from across the nation, underlining India’s incapability to curb the dastardly crime.

It has not been long since India called out on the United States report that claimed that religious intolerance is mounting under the right-wing government. India dismissed the report saying no foreign country has the rights to raise fingers on its records. However, the mob lynchings kept happening beside the criticism and the incidents were fairly ignored by the government too.

The executive editor of The Caravan, Vinod Jose, also expressed his concerns over the rising number of lynchings of Muslims and Dalits in his presentation on India during a global conference on media freedom hosted by the United Kingdom and Canada. Soon after his presentation, Surya Prakash, the head of the public broadcaster Prasar Bharati, accused him of spreading misinformation.

Well, this is not something new in India. People have been killed out of hatred, while the reasons are intermixed with something pointless. A number of cattle keep roaming on roads, aimlessly gazing at someone of something, and it doesn’t bother anybody at all. However, put that cattle into a vehicle and watch it making headlines.

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