Heavy rains on Monday, June 25, caused a logjam in Maharashtra and daily life was disturbed. Due to heavy showers, water-logging was done in several areas and office goers faced convenience. As per reports, 5 people died due to accidents in several areas of Maharashtra and a big loss to public and private property was done. Trees fell down in several parts of the states and reportedly walls of the houses collapsed in 2 villages of Thane.

According to reports, a minor was killed and his parents got seriously injured as a wall collapsed in Wadol village in Ambernath taluka of Thane. A municipal officer to reporters that incident happened around 2:45 am today.

In another similar incident in Thane, a 65-feet wall of a house suddenly fell down that crushing 3 vehicles. As per Indian Metrological Department, the district received 229.81 mm rain in the last 24 hours.

In view to trouble due to rain, Maharashtra government has deployed natural Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) in many areas to help the locals. According to reports, the relief teams have rescued many people and continuously helping people who are stuck due to water loggings and heavy rain.


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IMD Mumbai Director Ajay Kumar said reported that Mumbai so far has received 231.4 mm rain and it will continue for next 24-48 hours.   The weather officer reported that 231.4 mm rainfall is received in the last 24 hours. The conditions are categorized as extreme heavy showers.


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Another Indian Metrological Department (IMD) officer added that this is the first extreme rainfall of the season in Mumbai. The condition may get worse in future and people may face some problems due to heavy rains.

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