Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Tuesday said that he was misquoted by the media on his ‘Vishakanth’ comment, referring to the apparent problems he was facing in running the coalition government in the state.

“I didn’t speak about Congress or any Congress leader. I didn’t mention anything about Congress in my speech. That was a party program and I got emotional, Media misinterpreted my speech,” Kumarasamy was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.

Last Saturday, Kumaraswamy had an emotional outburst, declaring that he was being forced to perform the deed like Lord Shiva swallowing poison for the good of the world.

Refusing to accept bouquets, Kumaraswamy told his party workers that he was not happy being the Chief Minister, he went on to say that he only knows the pain of the coalition government in the state.

The Janta Dal Secular (JDS) and the Congress had come together to stop the BJP from forming the government in the state. Both the parties had sparred with each other over various issues before the election and even after coming to power there has been apparent cases tension between the two including the contentious issue of farm loans and appointment of ministers in the cabinet.

Kumaraswamy, since taking over as chief minister has various times expressed discontent with the arrangement and even said that he doubts if his government will complete its term. However, later he clarified that he was confident that their government will complete its tenure.

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