ISRO likely to launch Chandrayaan 2 this month: India’s moon mission, Chandrayaan 2, failed to take off on early Monday morning as claimed by the ISRO scientists. Apart from its monetary value, the country’s most ambitious project had the experience of thousands of scientists invested in it. If the ISRO would have succeeded to launch the Chandrayaan 2 today then India would have become the fourth country to town down on the lunar surface after the US, Russia and China. However, that did not happen and a technical glitch hampered India’s fleet to the moon.

Now, the ISRO scientists have been working to found solution for the same so that India’s moon mission would finally be completed within two-three days, or it would be rescheduled for three to four weeks. The Chandryaan-2 encompassing GSLV Mark III carrying the orbiter, lander, and rover was to take off at 02:51 am Monday morning from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Here’s what all happened so far:

– The technical glitch was observed in the Launch Vehicle that connects Chandrayaan-2 and the cryogenic engine. The pressure in the Launch Vehicle was below than the required amount.

-The ISRO scientists will check each and every system/ sub-system of the Launch Vehicle separately.

– The re-launch of Chandrayaan-2 will take more than three months if not done in three-four days.

– The ISRO scientists will begin the process of fuel extraction (defueling) from the booster rockets, first stage, second stage and the cryogenic engine.

– The liquid oxygen and Hydrogen fuel will be stored at -165 degrees C.

– Following the defueling Chandrayaan-2 will be separated from the Cryogenic engine

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