In September 2017, a Gurgaon boy slit throat of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur at the Ryan International School so that his exams and a parent-teacher meet could be postponed. Now, approximately 1000-km away from Gurgaon a 14-year-old was found dead with a knife in his stomach in his school’s washroom today in Vadodara.

As per reports, the body had multiple stab injuries on his head and body. The body was sent for postmortem examination after police reached the spot and launched an investigation into the case.

The knife found in the stomach of the class 9 student has been sent for fingerprint analysing to nab the culprit. Prima facie, another student is suspected to have committed the murder. But police have not made an arrest in the case.

In the case of Pradymun, Police had arrested the conductor of a school bus and made claims that they had confessions from the conductor. However, later it was revealed that cops had forced the confession out of him.

Later, when the case was transferred to CBI, it was revealed that a class 11 student had killed Pradymun.

CBI claimed that the accused minor had slit-throat and killed him to postpone the parent-teacher meeting scheduled to be held. The class 11 student had made plans to postpone an examination, which was again slated to be held during the time.

According to an NCPCR report in 2017, crimes against children in India have increased by almost 300% in a span of 6 years since 2009. A detailed study of the report suggests that crime rate increased due to the marriage of minor girls, kidnapping and abduction and selling of minor for prostitution.

The number of crimes involving children were 24,203 in 2009 but increased to 92,172 in 2015, resulting in an increase of almost 300% in just 6 years.

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