Bihar man Abhay Kumar Singh, who hails from Patna, has become a lawmaker in Russia after winning the provincial election on a United Russia party ticket as a deputat. A deputat is equivalent of being an MLA in India. The Patna man has won the provincial election from Russia’s Kursk city. The United Russia party is ruling the country for the past 18 years. Earlier in March this year, the same party led by won the elections with a thumping majority in the federal assembly.

Talking more about Abhay Kumar Singh, who is now a politician in Russia, the man has completed his education from Loyolo High School in Patna. He later went to Kursk to pursue higher education in medicine in 1990s. Kursk is an administrative city in Russia.

Abhay Singh Kumar returned to Patna after pursuing education in medicine and started practising as a registered doctor but didn’t work. Abhay Singh went back to Kursk and started a pharmaceutical business.

It did not take much time for Abhay Kumar Singh to witness success in his business and later became a know business personality in Kursk, though he did face obstacles, he overcame everyone.

Following up with pharmaceutical, he entered into real estate business. Becoming a known person among Russians, he began making relations with the locals and started displaying his political interest by discussing local affairs. He became the member of United Russia party in April last year and in no time, he has now become a politician in Russia.

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