In yet another incident of alleged caste-discrimination, a female student of Benaras Hindu University (BHU) in Uttar Pradesh has accused two Proctorial Board security guards of barring her from entering a campus toilet because she was a Dalit. The student claimed she tried to enter the Mahila Mahavidyalaya premises to use a toilet when the guards stopped her and asked her to use the hospital or college campus toilet.

In her complaint to Chief Proctor OP Rai, the female student wrote that the guards were discriminatory and inhuman towards her. Rai has now established a three-member panel to probe the allegation.

The accused denying the charges of discrimination claimed to have only stopped the complainant from entering men’s toilet

The complainant who is an active member of BHU’s SC/ST Students’ Programme Organising Committee said she was working at the Bahujan helpdesk near Mahila Mahavidyalaya premises for the past five days to guide college freshmen.

On Friday, Rai has received the student’s complaint and met her in person to hear out her grievances. He said the guards were summoned and in their defence, they claimed to have only stopped her because she was entering men’s toilet.

He added that a panel has been formed which included two women officials to probe into the matter and assured of strict action based on the committee’s report.

Another caste related incident making noise is BJP MLA from Bareilly Rajesh Mishra’s daughter, Sakshi Mishra who has claimed that her father was giving death threats to her husband and his family because of their inter-caste marriage.

She, in fact, posted a video on social media warning her father to stop his goons from chasing them and let her live with her Dalit husband because she married him out of her will. The father, in his defence, said he was against the marriage because of age-difference and economic repercussions and denied involvement in any death threat calls.

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