A relative of the 11 Burari deceased, who allegedly committed suicide, has denied the family’s connection to any spiritual guru or baba or any occult practices as reported in some sections of the media to explain the random, macabre deaths which came to light on July 1. The relative said the 11 pipes, which had been laid in a very unusual manner had led police to believe it had some tantric significance, were for ventilation. On Monday, police had recovered some documents from their house that indicated possibilities of a suicide pact with some fearing murders.

On July 1, Delhi police had found 10 of the family members, hanging from an iron grill blindfolded, gagged and hands tied behind in north Delhi’s Burari area. And the 11th dead body of Narayan Devi, 77, was discovered lying on the floor in another room. Bodies of the all deceased were criminated on June 2 and postmortem reports have claimed that they all died because of hanging.

Out of 11 family members, 7 were women and 3 minors. As per reports, the family had a business of grocery shop and plywood. The family used to open the grocery store early in the morning but that day the shutters of the family store were closed till 7:30 am. The neighbours suspected something was wrong and visited their house and found that the bodies hanging with the sealing of the house.

Here are the highlights of Delhi Burari murder mystery:

16:30 pm | Police have revealed the CCTV footage from a mobile phone vendor capturing Lalit Bhatia at the shop on June 30, at around 1:12 PM. After approximately 10 hours, he was found dead along with 10 other family members at his residence.

15:56 pm| According to reports, a delivery boy was the last person to see the family members of Bhatia house who delivered 20 rotis and collected Rs 200. The delivery boy has revealed that Lalit, elder son of Narayan Devi, himself received the order and paid for it.

14:07pm| A team of Crime Branch visits the house in Delhi’s Burari, where 11 dead bodies were found.

12:00pm| Another relative of the deceased told reporters that family was religious but they were not in any occult practice.



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