French President Emmanuel Macron enraged at a teenager after the young boy addressed him informally at an official outing near Paris on Monday, June 18, as ‘Manu’ and also sang the socialist anthem in front of him. Infuriated over his informal comments, Macron said: “No, you can’t do that, no, no, no, no.” The incident took place at a ceremony in northern France to celebrate General Charles De Gaulle’s call for popular resistance during World War II.

The young boy who was captured on LCI television singing the anthem, said, “Ca va Manu?” (How’s it going, Manu?) , to which President replied, “No, no, you are here at an official ceremony, You can’t just behave like that.” Admonishing the junior high school student, red-faced Macron further said, “You address me as Mr President of the Republic or sir, ok?”

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It’s not the 1st time Macron has been captured on camera giving lessons to those disrespect him. Earlier during the presidential campaign held in 2017, a striking worker accused him of being a man in a suit. Tow which he said that the best way to pay for a suit is to get a job.

Macron has in the past also faced criticism for his blunt language. In case of this incident, his critics said the video in which has seen almost frowning at the junior high school student is seen as an evidence that the 40-year-old centrist, is the president of the aristocrats and lacked empathy with the poor.

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