Bareilly BJP MLA’s daughter Sakshi Misra, husband Ajitesh Kumar kidnapped from outside Allahabad High Court:

Bareilly BJP MLA’s daughter Sakshi Misra and her husband Ajitesh have got police protection after they were reportedly roughed up inside Allahabad High Court premises on Monday morning, reports said. Reports also said armed assailants, who came in a Scorpio SUV, kidnapped the newly-married couple from the court premises and later they were seen inside the court together.¬†Speaking on the abduction case, the Uttar Pradesh police said it was not Sakshi and Ajitesh but another couple who was abducted from inside the Allahabad High Court premises on Monday, Additional Director General of Prayagraj SN Sabat said he himself was going to the spot where the police stopped the suspected vehicle and nabbed the armed abductors. The couple, who were abducted from Allahabad High Court premises in Prayagraj on Monday, was rescued by the UP Police in Fatehpur, he added.

Sakshi Misra and her husband Ajitesh Kumar, the couple from Bareilly claiming their lives were under threat from a BJP MLA over their inter-caste marriage, on Monday were kidnapped at gunpoint by armed from outside the Allahabad High Court, the reports said. The two had gone there to seek protection from Mishra’s family and goons sent by her father. Sakshi Misra, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Misra, arrived at the court in the morning with her husband. The reports said that the incident took place at around 8.30 am, hours before their case was to be taken up in the court.


Reports quoting the eye-witnesses alleged that the couple was waiting outside the court gate number 3 when a black SUV stopped in front of them and pushed the couple inside at gunpoint. The reports said that the SUV belonged to Agra district as it was carrying the registration number UP80. Soon after the incident, the police carried out a probe into the matter and has been scanning the CCTV footage. The police have also been interrogating the vehicles across the area.

Meanwhile, the family of Ajitesh Kumar has also left Bareilly citing threats to lives. His father also claimed that he did not know about the whereabouts of Ajitesh and Sakshi.

Earlier on Thursday, BJP MLA had denied threatening his daughter ever, adding that she is an adult and free to make choices in her life. He added that he was concerned over the age difference between the two and the fact that the boy was unemployed.

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