Father’s Day is around the corner and it is time when all daughters and sons should pamper their darling daddy to the fullest. This day is celebrated to honour fathers, who spend their whole life trying to make a better future for their children. A father is someone who is our best friend, a mentor and guide who teaches us life values, principles, and most of all, to be honest, and hard-working. Fathers are often said to be strict with their kids, but it is only to make them a stronger and disciplined human being. Father’s Day is being celebrated since 1910 in the month of June. It’s a special day to celebrate the love and respect we have towards our father.

This day is celebrated on third Sunday of the June. It is said that doesn’t matter how old you are, you always wish to have the support and the love of your father. On this special day, we all should plan to gift our fathers something special. If you are not ready with an idea, we have got you 5 gift ideas on the occasion of Fathers Day:

A bottle of aged scotch: If your dad enjoys fine blended whiskey, gifting him a bottle of aged scotch or whiskey is a very good idea. He can probably enjoy the whiskey as he celebrates the special day with the family or friends.

A Pocket printer for the tech-savvy dad: If your dad loves to travel and is tech-savvy and loves gadgets, nothing beats a pocket printer to make time spent with friends instantly memorable. It is pocket-friendly and is very useful at the same time.

Fitness tracking headphones: Although the wireless earbuds are specially designed for athletes and sportsmen, but could work perfectly for a daddy who takes fitness seriously and loves to go for morning runs.

A nice book from his favourite author: For the geek dads, gifting them a nice book from one of his favourite authors is the best idea as he can enjoy his reading time.

Fishing kit: It’s always good to pamper your dad with a nice fishing kit so that he can go out with his friends and have a great day out and weekend getaway!