Falling on the third Sunday of June, this year the world will celebrate the Father’s Day on June 17.  This Father’s day make your superhero feel special and loved by surprising him with gifts, cards, kisses and hugs. You can also take him out for a lunch or dinner date or if you put up in another country, a surprise visit would do good. We are sure he will love your surprises.

Fathers have always stood up by your side no matter what, so how about you make them feel special and cherish your wonderful childhood memories with them. Twitter users chose #CuteDadStories introduced by Oyo to share their childhood memories. Take a look at the stories Twitterati shared.

“Karan, Dad replied. Talking is like ketchup. If you like the meat enough, you don’t need the ketchup—and if you like the company enough, you don’t need the conversation. My dad never earned a college degree, but he was the smartest person I ever knew”

“I was still crying when I saw him with an ice cream in his hand. I wanted him to make me sit on his lap and I wanted to feed him the ice cream with my own hands. I still never share ice cream with anybody except my dad❤ #CuteDadStories”

“While learning how to ride an Activa, I banged the vehicle against my dad’s car. After half an hour and numerous ice-creams, he had consoled me into believing it was his fault! @oyorooms #CuteDadStories”

“Dad telling mom cat spilled milk over the counter though me and dad were the ones to do it. #CuteDadStories”

“After every exam, my pens would magically be replaced so that I don’t waste time during my next paper. I still find it hard to understand how he seamlessly pulled this off every year #CuteDadStories”

“My dad and I used to maintain a water journal where we would note the number of glasses we drank in a day. However, the sneaky sips of whiskey were never accounted for #CuteDadStories”

Sanju star Ranbir Kapoor too took to his Twitter account to share lovable stories with his daddy love. He made the #JaaduKiJhappi and #SanjuSundaySurprise hashtag on Twitter. Take a look at the Tweets he and his friends shared.