The temperature has already touched 45-degree-mark and we are pretty sure that you don’t need to feel hotter than you already are. But, do you know that there are certain foods that are you are mistakenly consuming which is increasing your body temperature without your knowledge? Here is a list of 5 such foods that you must avoid this summer.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes aka shakarkandi are harvested in the winter season, one might find it in the nearby local shops during this season. Notably, this vegetable has a fairly short shelf life as compared to other vegetables like potatoes and carrots and beans and is exported from China. But who needs these massive carbohydrate-rich products when you have got fresh litchis, apricots, sweet corns to look forward to?


Well, all the summer fruits are not so cool as we think. Experts believe that mangoes increase the not only the body heat in this season but also the sugar levels in one’s body. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the king of all fruits- Mango also causes food allergy. Every year, scores of people in India suffer from water eyes, runny nose, acne etc. So before you jump on this mouth-watering fruit, make sure you are allergic to them.


Though ginger has been used for more than 1000 years for cooking and as a medicine in many South-Asian countries because of its potent benefits but consuming it in summers will heathen your body and can cause bleeding in the nose.

Well, who doesn’t love eggs? The craze for eating this is so much that several people have actually termed themselves as eggitarians that translates to vegetarian egg lovers. But eating too many will take a toll on your health. Several nutritionists in India says that too many eggs produce heat in the body, but if eaten in moderation may prove to be an excellent wholesome food product. It is advised that a human being should not consume more than 2 eggs in a day as it might cause bowel problems.


Tea and Coffee

This may come as a shock to many, but yes, your most treasured morning drink are diuretics, so they are not at all best way to start your sweltering day. Consuming tea and coffee might make you run to the toilet moiré often, ridding your body with water and salt. Gulp down fresh juices and smoothies instead.


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