One of the most embraced Disney Movie, The Lion King has hit the big screens today. The animated film is all about determination and the generosity of a character named Mufasa. The original version of the film was released back in 1996 and now the Disney has come with remake loaded with great cinematography skills and advance graphics.

On the release day for the Lion King, the director of the film, Jon Favreau shared a special message through a video for Indian fans. In the video, the director appealed from the audience to fight against piracy and enjoy the great work in cinema halls. He also expressed gratitude to the audience for great response to the trailer of the film.

The trailer of the Lion King was released in April this year, which is available in English, Hindi, Tamil and many other languages. The Lion King comes with some of the best computer-graphics, which will help the viewer to have a better experience.

The voiceovers in the movie are given by some of the big Superstars of Bollywood. In Hindi version we will listen, Shahrukh Khan, who has lent his voice for the role of “Mufasa”. Moreover, his son Aryan Khan gave his voice for Simba.

For English Version, Donald Glover has voiced “Simba” while James Earl Jones has given his voice to “Mufasa”. “Nala” will be seen in the voiceover of the one of the renowned pop star in Holywood Beyonce.

Favreau had also directed some of the major hits in the past as well. The Jungle Book, Ironman(2008), Iron Man 2 (2010) were some of his best hits.

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