Chef Vikas Khanna is a happy person today. Last year, the Indian-American chef, revealed on air in an interview to Anupam Kher about how he has been observing a day’s fast every year during Ramadan for a Muslim family that gave him shelter during the Mumbai riots of 1992. This year, he reunited with the family of ‘Iqbal Khan and Wasim Bhai’ after 26 years and will break his fast with them, he declared on Twitter.

“#RamadanMubarak to all. May this Holy month be filled with blessings of peace, prosperity and love. I was training in the kitchen of SeaRock Sheraton, Mumbai in 1992 December when riots broke and the whole city was under fire. We were stuck in the hotel for days. Iqbal Khan and Wasim Bhai ( Trainee Chef and a waiter, whom I lost touch with forever) and their families sheltered me and nurtured me during this time. Since that year, I fast for 1 day during the Holy Month to thank them and keep them in my prayers. Love you all. V” he had shared the story on Facebook with his fans and followers about three years ago.


#RamadanMubarak to all. May this Holy month be filled with blessings of peace, prosperity and love. I was training in…

Chef Vikas Khanna यांनी वर पोस्ट केले 17 जून 2015

In 2017, he spoke at length about how during the riots no staff members could make it out or inside the hotel he was working with.

However, he rushed to check on his brother who was living in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar, after hearing a rumour about how the condition had worsened there. While he set out to check on his brother despite not knowing the directions around the city, a Muslim family gave him shelter from violent mobs. When a mob demanded to know who Khanna was, the family said, “He’s our son.”

The family, with whom Chef Khanna lived for two days after that, also ensured that his brother was safe.

Like every year since 1992 in the month of Ramadan, I fast for a day.Today was my fast (known as rōza), in honor of a…

Chef Vikas Khanna यांनी वर पोस्ट केले 24 जून 2017

Cut to 2018, and his delirious message read: “Heartwarming evening. All Heart. Tears. Pain. Pride. Courage. Humanity. Gratitude. This will be the most significant and important EID of my life. Thank you, everyone, to connect me with my souls.”