Sprinter Dutee Chand became the first Indian ever to win 100m gold in a global event. The 23-year-old made the country proud after winning the 100m gold medal for the first time at the World Universiade in Napoli.

Yesterday Indians got disappointed after New Zealand beat the Indian team in the ICC world cup first semi-final but today Chand made the country proud by getting the medal. Many Bollywood actors showed their love and support to the Indian team after they lost the crucial match.

Similarly, many celebrities come together on Twitter to congratulate sprinter Dutee on this huge achievement. From legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan to new age actor Ayushmann Khurrana. Actors shared her picture with wonderful captions. Article 15 actor Ayushmann also shared a video of her performing in the event.

According to reports, Chand’s winning time was 11.32 seconds. Odisha runner also shared a tweet with a wonderful caption for her. Dutte Chand is the country’s first queer athlete which she revealed earlier this year breaking all the stereotypes. She also opened up about her same-sex relationship with her partner and that she can proudly accept it after the supreme court verdict. After giving her statement, the player got worldwide support for speaking up about her sexuality and celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Ellen DeGeneres also supported her decision.

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