United States President Donald J Trump has hit out at India over 100 import tariffs on some of its good and also said that everybody in the world is robbing America. Donald Trump who was addressing a press conference in Canada’s Quebec City on Saturday accused India during the G7 Summit for imposing high tariff on US goods. While threatening to cut trade ties with India, Donald Trump said that US was like a piggy-bank which is being looted by everybody.

Making a reference to India, Donald Trump said there is India India which imposes 100% tariffs on some of the US goods while they (US) charges nothing. Trump said that they can’t do that while mentioning US was in talk with many countries.

Further speaking on the trade and high tariffs issue, Donald Trump said that his administration was in talks with many countries on the high tariffs issue and there has to some solution to it otherwise US will cut trade ties. “It would be a profitable answer if US does this,” Trump added.

Not a first time when US President Donald Trump has lashed out at India over high import tariffs. Previously, Donald Trump has slammed India for imposing high tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles . Raking the issue of high tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Trump had then threatened to increase the import tariffs on thousands of Indian motorcycles which are exported to US.

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